A garage can give your home extra storage and eliminate the question of where to put seasonal items like holiday decor and gardening tools. But available space becomes significantly smaller once you begin to actually pile everything inside. That bulky lawnmower, giant snowman figurine, and last summer’s pool equipment can quickly fill the garage. And if you have high hopes of parking your car in the garage as well, you’ll need to get creative with your storage solutions. Being smart with the space you have is key. While professional garage storage systems are excellent organizers, they can be costly and may not even be necessary for your needs. Before embarking on a large organization project, try one of the following DIY garage storage ideas to get your stuff sufficiently tidy, saving you time and money.

Install a Pegboard Wall

Pegboard in the garage is an excellent way to keep tools organized and eliminates the need for bulky drawers or boxes. You can increase storage space by coupling a DIY pegboard with a plank wall, especially if there are things that you find difficult to hang. Use the board for easy-to-hang items like saws, scissors, hammers, and pliers. Attach shelves to the nearby plank wall to hold containers of nuts, bolts, nails, and washers. This allows everything you need to be kept in one area and maximizes vertical storage space.

Mimic a Mudroom

If your home is missing a proper mudroom or entryway, create one in the garage instead. Add a hook for each family member to the wall closest to the door for jackets, backpacks, and umbrellas. Anything that doesn’t need to actually come inside the home can be stored in this area. Place a small bench with storage underneath so shoes can be kicked on and off before even entering the house.

Make a Shutter Shelf

Not only is this storage tip smart for your home, but it’s also an eco-friendly way to get organized. If you come across an old window shutter, door, or another wood object that’s no longer being used, consider turning it into a shelf. Using L brackets from a local hardware store, attach the shutter to wall studs above a door or window. Use this DIY shelf to store something lightweight, like outdoor sofa cushions or pool inflatables.

Bundle Tools with Bungee Cords

You might think a garage wall with exposed beams is a waste of valuable space. If the walls were flat, you could hang more on them, right? While an obstacle, the wall studs can still be used for storage. Hammer a few nails at varying points parallel to each other on two beams, then loop bungee cords across. Slide long, narrow tools, such as shovels, rakes, or outdoor items like tiki torches, under the cables to keep them organized and out of the way.

Make a Dolly from a Cabinet Door

Repurposing an old kitchen cabinet door is another diy garage storage idea that’s good for you and the environment. Attach four caster wheels to the base of an old cabinet door to form a dolly. This DIY dolly can store heavier things that are hard to lug around, such as paint cans, bags of grout, cans of soil, or even tiles. When you’re ready to use these items for a renovation or lawn project, simply roll the items on the dolly to your workspace. Slide the dolly underneath a workbench when you’re not using it to keep the floor clear.

Build a Garage Workshop

Have an abundance of home improvement gear? Create your dream workshop by incorporating pegboards, plank walls, and a bench with sufficient storage space. It might seem counterintuitive to build a workshop when you’re trying to clean up your garage, but having everything organized in one place will keep items from cluttering up the rest of the garage. Your workspace doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, as long as you make the best use of your walls.

Hang a Dowel Rod

For smaller items, inexpensive dowel rods are another way to keep items in place. Attach them between beams or on the inside of a door to corral similar items. Create a mini garden center with seed packets, small terra-cotta pots, and gardening tools, then lay your favorite gloves over the rod so you always know where they are when you’re ready to plant.

Build a Pulley System for Bikes

This DIY garage storage idea requires a bit more skill, but if you’re always tripping over bikes, it’s definitely worth it. Find a spot on the ceiling, preferably away from anything big, bulky, or pricey—such as a car—and attach sturdy beams with pulleys on each end. Hook the handlebars and seat to it and hoist it up towards the ceiling. When it’s time for a ride, carefully lower the bike to the ground. This bike storage idea saves space, especially if you don’t use your bikes year-round.

Make a Simple Tool Wall

If minimalism is more your style, keep things simple by attaching a large piece of plywood to an empty wall in the garage. Hammer nails to act as hooks for tools. Decide beforehand which tools you want to hang, so you know how far out to space the nails. Whether you’re storing power tools or lawn equipment, it’s helpful to plot out your grid laying the items down on the plywood and marking where the nails should go first.

Repurpose Decorative Baskets

If you love to organize, there’s a good chance that you have extra storage baskets laying around the house. Whether you’ve recently reorganized the interior of your home or purchased additional storage items after watching Get Organized with The Home Edit, don’t be afraid to repurpose them in the garage. Use baskets to store awkwardly-shaped items, like rolls of twine or rope. Metal or wire baskets make it easier to access these items, as you can easily unravel the rolls by slipping the loose end of the twine through the bottom of the basket. All you have to do is pull the length that you need and snip, and you’ll be tying up your pepper plant supports in no time.

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